Do You Know The Signs Of Aging Eyes?

There are ways to help if you know what to look for.


If you’ve been lucky enough to have never needed eyeglasses or contact lenses in your life, encountering eye problems as you get older can be a bit frustrating. More time at home has increased our screen time and it wouldn't be surprising if you notice your eyesight changing. Difficulty reading or working on a computer is a good indication that your focusing ability may also be suffering due to aging eyes. Keep reading to learn the most common signs your vision is potentially changing, and make sure to schedule your eye exam, so our eye care experts can help you help protect your eyes from the effects of digital eye strain.

1. You need more light.

A common eye condition is needing more light to see as you age. Brighter lights in your work area or next to your reading chair always have to be on to help make reading and other close-up tasks easier.

2. You can’t see up close or far away.

If it's hard for you to focus on objects that are close to you, or if you are holding your devices too far away, it could be a sign that you may be developing nearsightedness or farsightedness. Trouble seeing things up close or far away may indicate that your eyes' lenses have become less flexible over time and that you are due for an eye exam.

3. You have problems with eye glare.

When you’re caught in traffic, the sun’s reflection off the windshields and headlights at night seem brighter than usual. This is common in aging eyes. The lenses in your eyes might create more glare if the light that enters them gets scattered instead of honed in directly on the retina.

4. You see colors differently.

Another eye problem you may experience is difficulty seeing and distinguishing certain shades of color. The change of color perception may be due to aging eyes and the clear lenses of your eyes discoloring.

5. You have fewer tears.

Your eyes may feel dry and irritated because with age, the tear glands in your eyes tend to produce less liquid. However, for women, this eye condition could also be a sign you are experiencing hormonal changes.

If you happen to notice any of these eye problems, you should be able to regain clear, comfortable near vision, despite aging eyes, with the right help. Don’t live in a blur and help yourself see clearly again. Visit your neighborhood Pearle Vision to get more information or schedule an eye exam*.


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