5 Must Know Contacts Tips

From different shapes to daily care, this is what you didn’t know about contact lenses.

Did you just switch out your glasses for contacts? Or maybe you’re feeling the weight of your frames and you’re looking for a lighter option. Whatever the case, we will give you insight into the world of contact lenses with these 5 surprising facts.

1. Everyone’s eyes are not the same


While most contacts look similar, lenses that work for your partner or your friend might not work for you. Lenses come in different shapes, sizes and materials. Visit your EyeCare Center to learn about which lenses are right for you.

2. Contact lenses comes in different shapes.


How do contact lenses work? Simply put, different contact lenses can correct many different vision problems. For astigmatism, toric lenses, which are heavier on the bottom, do the trick. Spherical lenses, which are the same weight all around, help treat farsightedness and nearsightedness. Some contacts are even available for bifocal wearers.

3. Change up your look easily


Tired of wearing the same frames? Contact lenses can help you switch up your appearance based on your mood or outfit. Additionally, wearing color contact lenses can give you a variety of ways to mix up your style.

4. It can help you be more active


Contact lenses can help people get more active, since they don’t have to adjust or worry about their glasses breaking. The freedom of contacts lets people participate in more activities like sports, travel, or camping. Overall, it can be safer and easier for some people to wear contacts instead of glasses.

5. Most people don’t take proper care of their lenses


Approximately 40-90% of people do not follow the correct instructions and care for their lenses. Plus, 99% of people reported they did at least one thing that could put their eyes at risk of infection with their lack of contact lens care. Irregular replacement, incorrect cleaning, and poor lens hygiene are all linked to increased risk of infections and complications. After selecting the right contact lens, make sure to ask our eye care experts for cleaning tips and the right solution for you.

It seems clear there is more to contact lenses than meets the eye. Do you think you need contacts or just looking for more contact lens information? Make sure to chat with our experts at your neighborhood Pearle Vision. We can help you find your perfect pair and welcome your current prescription.

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